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The Society for Medical Humanities is part of the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Students Association at Columbia University's School of General Studies. We believe that the humanities can enrich the field of medicine and the lives of medical professionals. Many members of the postbac community come from backgrounds in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. The Society for Medical Humanities aims to serve as a space where they can engage in their former interests alongside the challenging premedical course load.

The practice of medicine is an art.
— Sir William Osler


The Columbia Society for Medical Humanities (CSMH) believes that the arts, humanities, and social sciences can enrich the practice of scientists, physicians, and other health professionals. Our mission is to educate and excite our premedical community about the application of humanities in the field of medicine, and to encourage premedical students to continue to pursue their passions in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. We believe that doing so can serve as a source of inspiration and self-care during the challenging educational and professional path we have chosen to pursue, and teach us valuable lessons that will allow us to someday serve as better physicians and health professionals.