Allie Lonstein

I’ve always been fascinated by the body’s capabilities.  After spending most of my early years pursuing sports, I switched to charge after a career in opera.  Opera completely overwhelmed me.  I sat underneath the stage in Italy at 17 years old (serving as the production’s tree), listening to one of the greatest Italian bass baritones in the world.  I marveled at the human voice and its capacity to reach 1000s of people without amplification and communicate in a language so laced with emotion that it sent palpable sensations straight to my heart.  The classical and romantic composers struck me as pure geniuses, and I wished to devote part of my life to studying their wisdom and communicating that wisdom.  My primary goal was to represent the works of musical geniuses with finesse and beauty as well as lift audiences to a better place.  The first step seemed to cultivate the skill of singing.

Conservatory proved to be challenging.  I could feel my brain rewiring to understand a language that seemed to hang in mid air.  I was placed into the hands of experts before I knew how to walk (aka how to read or learn music).  I quickly realized, perhaps even before I could learn to sing, I had to learn how to learn; train the brain to be fluent in the language so that the body can relax and perform to its highest potential.  It took years, but slowly I developed into a competent musician and yet the whole while I felt this was only part of the puzzle. I loved sports, I loved science, I adored languages. Be All of Me became my mantra.  Out of this birthed a wellness platform which I have developed over the last two years, BeLIVE.  It is a framework for exploration of well being.


During years 5-7 of being a singer, I learned that sometimes the biggest advancements in my voice resulted from unlocking a deeper understanding of myself.   Each time my voice jumped up a level, I had discovered an inner key which helped me to unlock a part of the vocal mechanism.  All the while, I began studying meditation and the healing arts in which I began to view the human body as a vocal reservoir.  When perfectly attuned, it sings like water, freely to all ears surrounding it.  When something in the body is tight, blocked, strained, or unconsciously locking a muscle in place, the bell rings a bit duller allowing even the least trained listener to be left dissatisfied. 

The path towards uncovering is what I’ve always been most interested in.  The process of learning to sing allowed me to relentlessly pursue my passion of developing my potential as a singer and a person.  The brutal and yet beautiful part of my story, is that in a snap of my fingers it was all gone.  Just as conservatory training and Buddhism had helped me to cultivate a loud booming bell with many ringing chambers, at the peak of my career I ended up stripped from all sound due to a health scenario.  It was at this point, in the silence, where I realized it wasn’t about the voice anymore- or what I had perceived to be the end goal.  My life had been and my future would be about the process and about helping others through their own endless uncovering of themselves. 

The thing that fascinates me most about medicine is empowering others to take command and explore their bodies.  All my efforts to learn about health and well being seem to ultimately help educate patients so that they can make the best and most informed decision, for themselves.  The science and allopathic component is an essential chapter (or many chapters) in the book of health.  A passion for learning and uncovering will provide patients with a book of medicine that is varied and robust.  Through this process, I think we can all grow.  A life spent devoting myself to growth, well being, and hopefully the ultimate- inner peace and bliss, is a life worth living. 

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Leontyne Price

is an opera idol of mine who spoke so eloquently about how she used her voice as a means of service. In an industry often associated with first ladies (prima donna) and Divas, this particular woman dedicated her life to helping others. I admire the freedom by which she sings and the freedom with which she shared herself with the world.